How BIOLASE® Dental Lasers Transform Treatment and Maximize Your Comfort

BIOLASELaser dentistry has transformed dental treatments, making them more effective and less invasive. They’re particularly beneficial for anxious patients who want extreme comfort, as dental lasers operate without traditional dental drills’ heat, noise, and vibration. The BIOLASE series is one of the latest dental lasers, providing the highest quality dental care in safety and comfort.

How Does the BIOLASE Dental Laser Work?

The BIOLASE dental laser is based on hydrokinetic technology, which uses laser energy to atomize water. This process directs water droplets at high speed, allowing them to penetrate hard and soft tissue. The water immediately cauterizes and sterilizes the tissue upon contact, thus reducing adverse effects like bleeding, swelling, and the risk of infection.


The ability of BIOLASE dental lasers to penetrate hard and soft tissues gives them many uses in dentistry. The following are some of the most common applications for this device.

Reshaping Gums

Dental lasers like BIOLASE can reshape gum tissue, providing various benefits in dentistry. The most common reason for doing this is to expose a healthier tooth structure through crown lengthening. Dentists typically perform crown lengthening to create a stronger foundation for restorations. Lasers can also reshape gums to improve a gummy smile, which occurs when the gums are too long.


The frenulum is a thin strip of mucous membrane under the tongue. In some cases, it’s too tight, creating problems like speech impediments and difficulty breastfeeding. A frenectomy is a procedure to remove part of the frenulum, providing the tongue with more freedom of movement. Oral surgeons often perform frenectomies with the BIOLASE laser.

Soft Tissue

Folds in soft tissue are medically known as epulis, which can develop in the gums due to poorly fitting dentures. The BIOLASE can remove epulis to improve the fit of dentures without the need for sutures.

Oral surgeons may also use the BIOLASE to remove benign tumors from soft tissues in the mouth, including the cheeks, gums, lips, and palate. In addition, they can use lasers at a lower intensity to make cold sores less painful and reduce their healing time.

Learn More About Laser Dentistry

The BIOLASE dental laser is a highly versatile device that’s replacing the traditional dental drill for many applications. Dr. Paul Covell uses the latest advancements in dentistry to ensure his patients always receive the highest quality of care. Please call 713-943-9832 or schedule your appointment online to find out if BIOLASE procedures are right for you.

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