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Will My Dentures Ever Feel Normal?

It may take some time and adjustment before you become accustomed to wearing dentures. It is normal to feel a little unusual or uncomfortable when you first start wearing them, as your mouth needs time to adjust and get used to the new appliance. A few recommendations from Dr. Paul Covell of Pasadena, TX, may […]

Ways in Which a Dental Implant Can Be Restored

Dental implants are a popular way for patients in the Pasadena, TX, area to replace one or more missing teeth. Because of the way in which they are placed in the jawbone, implants can be restored in many different combinations. Dr. Paul Covell is an experienced dentist in the area who can educate you on […]

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Can Cosmetic Dentistry Help Your Career?

One of the biggest benefits of aesthetic dentistry is its ability to improve your overall appearance. This, in turn, can have a huge impact on your career and your success in the workplace. In fact, many studies have shown that more attractive people tend to receive better treatment from their colleagues and supervisors and are […]

A Smile Makeover Allows You to Rejuvenate Your Appearance

If you want to enjoy a complete smile makeover, Dr. Paul Covell and his team can help with a wide range of restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments. Using these treatments, patients can improve their smile’s appearance and feel more confident in smiling around others! Below are just a few of the more common treatments that […]

Will my bad breath ever go away?

Everyone is affected by bad breath at some point in their lives. However, it doesn’t have to happen. With proper oral health habits, patients who visit Dr. Paul Covell and his team in Pasadena, TX, can learn about the cause of bad breath and how to fight it. What is bad breath? Bad breath, also […]

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Chewing gum and your smile

Is chewing gum bad for your teeth? This is a question that dental professionals hear all the time. And it is a valid question because we know that sugary foods and drinks can cause tooth decay. So, does that mean that chewing gum is off-limits? Dr. Paul Covell of Pasadena, TX, is a dentist who […]

Five ways to maintain healthy gums

Your gums frame the teeth and can be easily impacted by conditions such as periodontal disease. Periodontal disease, also referred to commonly as gum disease starts in the gum tissues and can spread throughout the mouth. In fact, the bacteria present in patients with periodontal disease can pass into the bloodstream and through other organs […]

How sugars affect the smile

Tooth decay, or cavities, is a common issue in patients of all ages. Dr. Paul Covell of Pasadena, TX, is a dedicated dental professional who can help patients in avoiding the development of cavities and protect their smiles from harm. Understanding how tooth decay develops and what can be done to reduce one’s risk is […]

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Why dental fillings are important for cavities

When tooth decay is spotted, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Dr. Paul Covell and his team in Pasadena, TX, is committed to helping patients with the treatment of tooth decay, ensuring effective solutions are available to seal the tooth and stop the cavity from becoming larger or deeper. Dental fillings are […]

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How our team can restore dental implants

Dental implants are a great way for patients to replace one or more teeth in the smile after teeth have been extracted or lost. With the help of Dr. Paul Covell, patients in the Pasadena, TX community will be able to have a quality restoration placed over a dental implant installed by an oral surgeon. […]

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