Why Do You Need a Mouth Guard?

Mouth guard If you want to safeguard your oral health, a mouth guard can go a long way. Let’s look at some situations when a mouth guard can protect your teeth and provide other benefits. If you have any questions or specific concerns, however, it’s smart to chat with your dentist.

Avoid Sports Injuries

Mouth guards are very common for athletes. Tune into an NBA game, and you’ll notice that many of the players are wearing mouth guards. While mouth guards are not required as far as rules go, many players opt to wear them because they provide so much protection. If you’re playing a physical sport like basketball, a mouth guard is highly recommended.

Stop Teeth Grinding and Reduce Clenching

Many people clench and/or grind their teeth. Some clench or grind their teeth during the day, while others do so at night. Some individuals even clench and grind throughout the day and night. This can damage your teeth, thinning your enamel and even causing gum loss.

One treatment option is to use a mouthguard. For clenching and grinding while you sleep, a mouth guard is one of the most effective forms of treatment. During the day, you can try to consciously reduce clenching and grinding, but a mouth guard can make it much easier if you’re struggling.

Mitigate Sleep Apnea

If you suffer from sleep apnea and/or snoring, a mouth guard may provide relief. The right mouth guard can help keep air passageways open, preventing sleep apnea and reducing snoring. This can lead to more restful sleep for you and your loved ones.

Talk With Your Dentist About Mouthguards

Mouth guards might provide relief for other conditions, such as tongue biting. If you think a mouthguard could be of help, it’s smart to chat with your dentist. He or she can provide specific advice for your given situation.

Dr. Paul Covell is a highly experienced dentist who has completed training at the renowned Las Vegas Institute (LVI) for Advanced Dental Studies. He can fit you with a mouth guard personalized for your facial anatomy, needs, and lifestyle.

Please contact our office in Pasadena, TX, today to schedule an appointment. You can call us at 713-943-9832.

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