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How BIOLASE® Dental Lasers Transform Treatment and Maximize Your Comfort

Laser dentistry has transformed dental treatments, making them more effective and less invasive. They’re particularly beneficial for anxious patients who want extreme comfort, as dental lasers operate without traditional dental drills’ heat, noise, and vibration. The BIOLASE series is one of the latest dental lasers, providing the highest quality dental care in safety and comfort. How […]

For Easier Recovery and Faster Oral Procedures, Try Laser Dentistry

If you want to minimize your time at the dentist while maximizing your recovery and oral health benefits, laser dentistry may be for you. Though not a new tool used in the dentist’s office, laser dentistry is still a cutting-edge breakthrough technology, useful in oral procedures ranging from routine dental filling to serious oral surgeries. By learning […]

MLS Laser Therapy | Paul Covell | Pasadena, TX

MLS Laser Therapy available with Dr. Paul Covell

Patients who are diagnosed with conditions such as TMJ/TMD are often dealing with daily levels of pain. They may find that taking over-the-counter medications is not the desired solution for their problem. Instead, patients may deal with the discomfort of the jaw and mouth area that impacts them each and every day. Dr. Paul Covell […]

Laser Dentistry Pasadena TX

Improving Dental Care With Laser Technology

Lasers are more than just fancy devices used in science fiction films. The medical community has been using laser technologies to improve patient outcomes and shorten recovery times. Laser dentistry is amongst the newer areas in which the advanced technology is helping patients of all ages. What are Lasers, Exactly? Lasers are simply high-intensity beams of […]

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