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4 Reasons Why You May Need a Mouth Guard

When we’re asleep, we aren’t aware of what we could be doing at times. While you sleep, you can snore, grind your teeth, and do other things without even being aware of it. Mouth guards help protect your teeth while you’re asleep, as well as while you participate in other activities such as physical contact sports. Mouth […]

Mouth Guards Pasadena TX

Are Custom Mouth Guards Better Than Mouth Guards from the Store?

Dr. Paul Covell of Pasadena, TX is a dental provider with a wide selection of offerings for new and existing patients. Whether patients need a simple dental cleaning or are interested in full mouth reconstruction, his practice can assist. Addiotnally, patients who will be involved in high-impact recreational sports such as football, soccer, or hockey […]

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Wear a Mouth Guard to Protect Your Chops

Playing sports or engaging in any activities that put your mouth at risk call for one very important thing: a mouth guard. You may think of mouth guards as obstructive and uncomfortable, but if you don’t wear a mouth guard, you’re only putting yourself at greater risk for seriously damaging your teeth. Consider the following […]

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