Will My Dentures Ever Feel Normal?

Portrait of comfortable woman in winter clothes relaxing on armchairIt may take some time and adjustment before you become accustomed to wearing dentures. It is normal to feel a little unusual or uncomfortable when you first start wearing them, as your mouth needs time to adjust and get used to the new appliance. A few recommendations from Dr. Paul Covell of Pasadena, TX, may make it easier to adapt. To help facilitate the process:

  • Practice speaking with your dentures in
  • Eat soft foods including mashed potatoes and pudding for several days until you gain more confidence in eating with them
  • Use denture adhesive if it helps provide extra comfort

With patience and persistence, you will eventually adapt to wearing dentures, and they will begin feeling like a natural part of your mouth.

What if My Dentures Are Not Fitting Properly?

When you receive your dentures, Dr. Paul Covell will check the fit and function at your placement appointment. It may feel as though they don’t fit properly, but this is because it is not uncommon to require time to adjust to these changes. However, if over time you still feel as though your dentures are not fitting correctly, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Paul Covell for a follow-up appointment to see if any adjustments can be made. He has the expertise to assess any issues and make any necessary changes to ensure that your dentures fit properly.

Do I Need To Take Special Care of My Dentures?

Proper cleaning and maintenance are essential for extending the life of your dentures. It is recommended that you brush your dentures every day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive cleanser, making sure to remove all food particles. Be sure to soak your dentures overnight in an approved solution in order to keep them from drying out and becoming brittle. It is also critical to remember not to sleep with your dentures in.

What if I Have More Questions About My Dentures?

Following the instructions from Dr. Paul Covell and following a consistent cleaning routine can help keep your dentures functioning correctly for years to come. Do not hesitate to contact his office at 713-943-9832 for additional guidance and advice for any other questions or concerns about wearing and caring for your dentures.

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