Can Cosmetic Dentistry Help Your Career?

Portrait of beautiful young woman with perfect smile.One of the biggest benefits of aesthetic dentistry is its ability to improve your overall appearance. This, in turn, can have a huge impact on your career and your success in the workplace. In fact, many studies have shown that more attractive people tend to receive better treatment from their colleagues and supervisors and are generally considered more competent than those who don’t put much effort into their looks.

What Are Some Cosmetic Treatments Available at the Practice of Dr. Paul Covell?

Pasadena, TX, area patients interested in rejuvenating and improving their smiles can ask about the advantages of cosmetic dentistry services available at the office.

Below is just a small sample of the cosmetic treatments which can be used to enhance the smile:

  • Professional teeth whitening. Dull or discolored teeth can be easily rejuvenated with professional-strength bleaching services that can lift deep and superficial stains from the natural teeth.
  • Porcelain veneers. Veneers are thin, custom-made shells which are placed onto the front surface of the teeth and can help to hide stains, discoloration, chips, oddly shaped teeth and gaps.
  • Dental implants. Missing teeth can be replaced with quality dental implants, which are permanent replacements that look and feel just like your natural teeth. Implants can also be used to anchor dentures securely in place so they don’t slip or fall out while eating and speaking.
  • Tooth-colored fillings. If you have silver amalgam fillings, you will find them to be highly noticeable in the smile when you talk and laugh with others. Dr. Paul Covell can replace these fillings with composite resin to restore the smile in an aesthetic manner.

Request an Appointment To Discuss the Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions That Will Suit Your Smile!

If you are looking for ways to enhance your appearance and take your career to the next level, cosmetic dentistry may be just what you need. Whether you want whiter teeth or straighter teeth or simply want to restore damaged teeth after an accident or other trauma, there are plenty of options available that can help you achieve the look you have always wanted! If you reside in or around the community of Pasadena, TX and want to speak to our team of professionals about your oral health needs, call Dr. Paul Covell today at 713-943-9832 to request your consultation.

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