For Easier Recovery and Faster Oral Procedures, Try Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry 
If you want to minimize your time at the dentist while maximizing your recovery and oral health benefits, laser dentistry may be for you. Though not a new tool used in the dentist’s office, laser dentistry is still a cutting-edge breakthrough technology, useful in oral procedures ranging from routine dental filling to serious oral surgeries.

By learning more about laser dentistry, you can learn the uses and benefits of this helpful dentistry tool.

What Is Laser Dentistry Used For?

Laser dentistry is an excellent tool that can help perform simple procedures or help prepare the mouth for a larger procedure. It can also be a diagnostic tool that helps your dentist identify cavities. Furthermore, laser dentistry can be utilized to remove decayed tissue or benign growths.

In some instances, using a laser can help procedures be more precise than traditional methods, which may help shorten the time for procedures. Also, compared to traditional methods, laser dentistry may put you at a lower risk of developing an infection following a dental or oral procedure.This is because traditional procedures utilize tools that must be disinfected consistently and thoroughly. Laser dentistry, on the other hand, doesn’t need disinfection.

Laser dentistry also has the added benefit of the laser itself disinfecting the target area.

From detection to surgery, laser dentistry can be an effective tool your dentist uses.

Laser Dentistry and Recovery

One major benefit of laser dentistry is how it helps you recover from procedures faster. Not only will the initial trauma of the procedure be minimized compared to traditional methods, but laser dentistry also has the added benefit of boosting the recovery process. The thermal energy from the laser may increase the body’s healing process, leading to faster recovery times.

Paul Covell, DDS, Offers Laser Dentistry in Pasadena, TX

Laser dentistry is a tool that can be utilized in many ways depending on both your dentist and your needs. To understand how you may benefit from laser dentistry, speak with Dr. Paul Covell. Dr. Covell and his amazing team have served the city of Pasadena, TX, and surrounding areas for over 40 years.

To learn more about laser dentistry, call the practice at 713-943-9832 to schedule an appointment.

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