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MLS Laser Therapy | Paul Covell | Pasadena, TXPatients who are diagnosed with conditions such as TMJ/TMD are often dealing with daily levels of pain. They may find that taking over-the-counter medications is not the desired solution for their problem. Instead, patients may deal with the discomfort of the jaw and mouth area that impacts them each and every day. Dr. Paul Covell is a dentist in the area of Pasadena, TX who is committed to helping patients find a solution that works. This solution may be MLS laser therapy.

What is MLS laser therapy?

The MLS laser is a special device the combines two laser wavelengths for the treatment of pain and inflammation. When used on the jaw and neck area on patients with TMJ/TMD, patients can reduce or even eliminate their pain with no negative side effects. The MLS laser therapy uses cold laser technology to reduce inflammation, address pain, and promote the body’s natural ability to heal itself. MLS laser therapy is used in many areas of medicine, including chiropractic and veterinary medicine.

Is MLS laser therapy right for me?

Patients with TMJ/TMD pain are often considered good candidates for MLS laser therapy. Patients will visit the practice of Dr. Paul Covell on a routine basis to complete their treatments. Over time, patients will notice a marked improvement in the levels of pain they experience from the clenching, grinding, and tension caused by temporomandibular joint disorders. Our practice can evaluate a patient during their initial consultation to determine if their condition may benefit from cold laser therapy services. If MLS laser therapy is deemed appropriate, Dr. Paul Covell will schedule a series of visits for the patient over the course of several weeks to offer short and convenient treatment sessions with his advanced technology.

Call Dr. Paul Covell today to learn more about MLS laser therapy

If you reside in or around the community of Pasadena, TX and are considering the advantages of MLS laser therapy for your next dental appointment, we welcome you to call (713) 943-9832 to schedule an appointment. Our practice is located at 4010 Vista Road and accepts new and current dental patients. 

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