Three Ways Teeth Whitening at the Dentist Is Better Than At-Home Whitening

Teeth whiteningWith teeth whitening being valued as a $6.4 billion industry, projected to nearly double in the next decade, it’s no secret that people want whiter teeth. Chances are, you do, too.

However, your at-home strips, toothpaste, and special toothbrushes may give you lackluster results. Teeth whitening at the dentist leaves you with better, more long-lasting results in less time. Here are three ways teeth whitening is better at the dentist than at home.

It Actually Whitens Your Teeth

If you’ve been scrubbing away at your teeth without seeing the brilliant white results you want, it’s not you. Most whitening toothpastes are only effective at removing short-term extrinsic stains, such as from your morning coffee, but ineffective at removing long-term stains. Most of these toothpastes do nothing for intrinsic stains.

The concentration of ingredients is too weak, and the major whitening ingredients are abrasives, which can actually wear your enamel down and cause your teeth to look yellow as the dentine underneath is exposed.

At the dentist, the concentration of ingredients is greater, allowing for not only extrinsic stains to be removed but also penetrating within the tooth and whitening from the inside.

Longer-Lasting Whiteness

Because of the greater concentration of whitening ingredients in the treatment you’ll find at the dentist, the effects last longer than traditional at-home whitening solutions.

The duration of your whitening results from the dentist will vary depending on your lifestyle and oral health. To understand how long you can expect results to last, speak to your dentist.

Professional Application Means Low Risk of Injury

study found that at-home whitening treatments typically have the adverse effects of increased tooth sensitivity and burned gums due to improper application.

At the dentist, a professional will be handling your whitening, ensuring peace of mind that the application will go more smoothly than if you were the one doing it.

Also, whitening trays you can purchase over the counter are not fitted to your mouth. The dentist offers a personal, individualized approach that takes the fit of your bite into consideration.

Paul Covell, DDS Can Whiten Your Teeth

For a true white smile, make sure you visit a dentist who can offer you superior results and peace of mind.

Dr. Paul Covell and his amazing team have served the city of Pasadena, TX, and surrounding areas for over 40 years. For a legacy of experience and excellence, call the practice at 713-943-9832 to schedule an appointment.

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