Are Custom Mouth Guards Better Than Mouth Guards from the Store?

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Dr. Paul Covell of Pasadena, TX is a dental provider with a wide selection of offerings for new and existing patients. Whether patients need a simple dental cleaning or are interested in full mouth reconstruction, his practice can assist. Addiotnally, patients who will be involved in high-impact recreational sports such as football, soccer, or hockey may want to work closely with our providers to obtain a custom mouth guard.

The purpose of mouth guards

High-impact sports can result in a much higher risk of injury. Dr. Paul Covell encourages patients who will be participating in sports to consider the benefits of wearing a mouth guard. Mouth guards are intended to protect the teeth and the soft tissues of the mouth in the event of a traumatic blow to the mouth or jaw. This reduces the risk of a lost or broken tooth or damage to the gum tissues.

Are mouth guards from a dental practice better than those at a drugstore?

If you peruse the oral health care aisle in your local discount store, you may find inexpensive mouth guards readily available. Some of these are just a standard fit. These will often be loose and uncomfortable because they are not made just for the person wearing them. Another option is the “boil and bite” mouth guards. These are boiled in water and then placed in the mouth to create a shape around the natural smile. While better than standardized mouth guards, these often do not fit as well as a custom mouth guard. When a dentist creates a custom mouth guard, they use impressions that ensure the appliance will fit perfectly in the mouth to protect the smile. Patients with a good custom mouth guard will also have an improved ability to speak versus those using a store-bought solution. There really is no comparison in the way a custom mouth guard fits when compared to drugstore varieties. The investment is a wise one to ensure your smile is protected against unexpected damage and trauma.

Speak to our team about obtaining a dental mouth guard today

If you plan on participating in recreational sports where the risk of injury to the mouth exists, it may be a good time to make an appointment with a dentist to discuss the advantages of using customized mouth guards at our facility. Dr. Paul Covell can be reached by calling (713) 943-9832 and assists patients in and around the area of Pasadena, TX.

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