Why patients choose implant-supported dentures vs traditional dentures

Positive Man Gesturing Ok SignMissing teeth make it harder to eat, speak, and feel confident in one’s appearance. It can also significantly impact a patient’s appearance due to the natural loss of bone that occurs in the jaw area. Long-time traditional denture wearers are all too familiar with the sunken in appearance of the mouth and jaw area that occurs over time due to natural bone resorption. To combat this, many patients who need to address complete tooth loss will skip the traditional dentures and instead ask about implant-supported dentures. Dr. Paul Covell of Pasadena, TX is here to help patients understand the benefits that implant-supported, or implant-retained, dentures provide.

What are the benefits of implant-supported dentures?

Below are some of the reasons why patients choose to have dentures made to connect with implants to replace an entire arch of teeth:

  • Natural feeling. The use of dental implants allows for patients to mimic the feel of their natural teeth.
  • Stability and strength. Dental implants along the dental arch hold the denture in place, ensuring the best function when compared with denture adhesives and natural suction holding conventional dentures.
  • Cost. While implant-retained dentures are often more expensive than traditional dentures, they have a higher satisfaction rate and last longer in comparison—making it a smart investment in one’s oral health.
  • Bone maintenance. Because the implants stimulate natural bone growth, patients can keep their jawbone strong and healthy. This also eliminates the sunken appearance that occurs with long-term denture wearing due to gradual bone loss.
  • Easy care. implant-supported dentures are easy to care for and maintain with time. When patients visit their dentist for routine evaluations and cleanings, they will need to bring their dentures for inspection. The dentist will also monitor the placement of the dental implants and the maintenance of bone with routine dental x-rays.

Schedule time to speak to Dr. Paul Covell about your needs

If you are interested in learning more about ways to completely restore the smile with dentures, now is a great time to speak to our team in Pasadena, TX about the benefits of implant-supported dentures. The office is located at 4010 Vista Road and can be reached at (713) 943-9832 for an appointment.

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