What to know about fluoride treatment

Proactive measures such as brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist are the best ways to prevent problems such as periodontal disease and tooth decay. Keeping the teeth strong and healthy are important as you only get one set of teeth during your lifetime. When patients are worried about developing cavities, also known as “dental caries” or “tooth decay,” they may feel at ease learning about additional ways to protect their smiles. This includes the addition of fluoride treatments with Dr. Paul Covell of Pasadena, TX.

Here are a few common questions patients might have about fluoride and in-office fluoride treatments: 

What is fluoride and why is it critical to oral health? 

Fluoride is a miner that is found in the earth. It has been found to help in strengthening natural tooth enamel be re-depositing minerals onto the surfaces of the teeth. Fluoride can help in preventing tooth decay, while strengthening the teeth against it along with good oral health habits. 

What is a fluoride treatment? 

Fluoride is integrated into many different products, including toothpaste and mouthwash. It is also added to city water as well. However, with a fluoride treatment provided at the dental office, fluoride is applied directly to the teeth. This can be completed during routine dental visits after a thorough cleaning and examination. 

How does fluoride treatment work? 

In just a few minutes, patients can have fluoride applied to their teeth to reduce the risk of decay. Fluoride treatment is often used in children who may not be as thorough about brushing and flossing as their older siblings or parents. However, it can also be applied to adult patients who may lack regular, professional dental care with a quality provider, or those who are trying to restore their dental health after years of neglect. Dr. Paul Covell may suggest fluoride treatment for those who qualify. 

Connect with Dr. Paul Covell and his team to learn more about fluoride treatments 

Pasadena, TX area patients who are concerned about developing cavities may want to find out if they could benefit from additional fluoride treatments. Contact the office, located at 4010 Vista Road, by calling (713) 943-9832 to schedule an appointment. 

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