How can extracting a tooth save your smile?

As a dental professional, Dr. Paul Covell strives to help Pasadena, TX area patients enjoy healthy smiles—which also means preserving the natural teeth. However, there are times in which a healthy smile involves the removal of a natural adult tooth. When does Dr. Paul Covell recommend dental extractions, and how can this process improve one’s oral health and wellness?

When should a patient consider tooth extraction?

If a tooth becomes infected or broken to a point where root canal therapy is not enough to preserve the structure, it is sometimes best for a dentist to recommend removal. A tooth that is broken to the point where a dental crown or composite bonding cannot adequately repair it may also benefit from the removal of a natural tooth. Patients who have advances stages of periodontal disease and are experiencing loose teeth may also benefit from not only the extraction of the tooth, but treatment to manage the condition and prevent further tooth loss. Another reason why a patient may consider tooth extraction is due to overcrowding in the smile. A tooth can be removed to allow the rest of the teeth to become realigned, eliminating gaps and bringing the dental arch together for a more beautiful and fully functioning smile.

The most common reason to remove a tooth is due to the development of the third molars. Also known as “wisdom teeth,” these molars are the last to erupt through the gum line and often do so in early adulthood. Sometimes, there is not enough room for the teeth, and the teeth become impacted and cause pain. Other times, the teeth are so far back in the mouth that they are difficult to keep clean with brushing and flossing, and actually pose a risk of infection and disease. In situations such as these, Dr. Paul Covell may make a recommendation of tooth extraction, whether simple or surgical.

Dr. Paul Covell offers tooth extractions

Pasadena, TX area patients seeking the extraction of teeth are welcome to schedule an appointment with Dr. Paul Covell of 4010 Vista Road. By calling (713) 943-9832, patients can request a visit to learn more about tooth extraction and determine if they are a good candidate for the removal of one or more adult teeth.

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