Do You Have Dental Phobia?

Dental Phobia in Pasadena TexasIf the very thought of a dental visit sends your heart racing, you’re not alone. Scores of people in the US avoid going to the dentist as a result of fear and anxiety. This is unfortunate because good oral hygiene is critical not only to your oral health but your overall health. If you count yourself among the millions of people who have a genuine fear of the dentist, consider the following tips to help calm your nerves, all in the name of a healthy mouth.

  • Share your fears with your dentist. You may be surprised at how much better you feel once you laid your anxiety on the line. Your dentist is accustomed to patients who have dental phobia and will be able to work with you to minimize your fears. This may include having your dentist tell you what is happening during each stage of the cleaning and examination process. He or she may also try to take your mind off the task at hand by changing the subject to something other than dentistry.
  • Listen to music.Wearing an iPod with headphones is a great way to distract yourself from what is going on, allowing you to concentrate on your favorite songs instead.
  • Bring support.Ask a friend you trust to come along with you for your appointment to help keep you calm.
  • Establish a signal.Just in case you may need a break, discuss a signal with your dentist ahead of time like raising your hand to indicate that he or she needs to stop for a minute.
  • Transport yourself.Try imagining that you’re somewhere else – a tropical island, a beautiful meadow – anywhere but in the dentist chair.
  • Think about medication. Some patients experience such extreme anxiety that it may warrant medication. Before you go to your appointment, call your dentist to share your fears and ask whether you should take a mild sedative beforehand.

To discuss your dental fears with an experienced practitioner, or to schedule your next dental visit, contact the office of Paul Covell, DDS online or by calling 713.943.9832. We look forward to hearing from you!


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