Chewing gum and your smile

friends enjoying outdoor street. Brazilian girl laughing and blowing chewing gum with friend embracing her.Is chewing gum bad for your teeth? This is a question that dental professionals hear all the time. And it is a valid question because we know that sugary foods and drinks can cause tooth decay. So, does that mean that chewing gum is off-limits? Dr. Paul Covell of Pasadena, TX, is a dentist who can evaluate a patient’s smile and determine if chewing gum is beneficial or harmful to one’s oral health and wellness.

Is chewing gum bad for the smile?

The answer is maybe. It depends on the type of chewing gum you are enjoying. If you are chewing sugar-free gum, then it is actually good for your teeth! The act of chewing helps to stimulate saliva flow, which in turn helps to wash away food particles and bacteria. Plus, many sugar-free gums contain xylitol, which is a natural sweetener that has been shown to help reduce cavities.

On the other hand, if you are chewing gum that contains sugar, then it is not so good for your teeth. The sugar might stick to your teeth and contribute to tooth decay. Knowing the ingredients in your chewing gum makes a big difference in regards to whether it is good or bad for the smile.

How do I know what type of gum is right for me?

It is important that you read the labels on your chewing gum to make sure you are chewing sugar-free gum. Some gums are approved by the American Dental Association as beneficial for the smile, not harmful. If you find that you need to freshen your breath, or if you do not have the opportunity to brush or floss after a meal, sugar-free chewing gum is a great alternative when in a “sticky” situation!

Learn more about beneficial habits that can improve your oral health

Chewing sugar-free gum is just one of many ways to maintain a healthy smile. If you are looking to work with a dental professional to develop an appropriate treatment plan for your oral health, contact Dr. Paul Covell and his team in Pasadena, TX, today! Call 713-943-9832 to request an appointment at our office and learn more about proper oral health habits between dental cleanings and evaluations.

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