Why consider a dental bridge instead of a dental implant?

DENTAL BRIDGES PASADENA TXWith one or several teeth missing, patients may develop several problems with their oral health. In addition to having a space left behind where the teeth have been lost, patients experience other issues including the inability to speak properly, changes in the way they bite and chew their food, and even shifting of the existing teeth, causing added gaps. One solution is a dental bridge, or a “tooth bridge,” which is used to prevent the adjacent teeth from shifting or loosening. Dental bridges are not the only way to replace missing teeth. Patients can also choose from dentures and dental implants as well. But what is a tooth bridge, and how does it different from more expensive options such as dental implants?

Understanding how the dental bridge works

The dental bridge is a restoration that is made from porcelain and includes false teeth and crowns fused together to create a single piece. The bridge is then anchored on the adjacent teeth to hold it in place and restore the function of the smile. At the practice of Dr. Paul Covell, bridges are made to match the surrounding teeth to ensure seamless integration.

Reasons to consider the dental bridge

While dental implants are a wonderful choice for some patients, they may not always be a good fit for a patient based on their unique situation. Dental implants can also be much more costly, making them unattainable for some individuals depending on their budget. While dental bridges are less expensive, they are also more permanent than other options including partial dentures. Dental bridges are restorations that use the adjacent teeth for support while staying affordable for patients. Additionally, many patients with dental insurance can reduce the cost of their dental bridge with their insurance benefits, depending on coverage. Dr. Paul Covell finds that some patients are a better fit for dental bridges than dental implants, and can assist patients in making an educated decision regarding the best restoration for their smiles.

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