Fill gaps in your smile with dental bridges

Patients of the Pasadena, TX area who have gaps in their smiles due to lost or extracted teeth need to work with a dentist to replace these as soon as possible. If spaces are left, it can result in the shifting of the surrounding teeth and significant bone loss in the jaw. Patients who visit with Dr. Paul Covell and his team will find they have many options to choose from, including dental bridges. 

How do dental bridges work? 

Dental bridges are used to replace one or more teeth in a row, closing large gaps that might remain in the smile. These gaps may seem harmless, but there are consequences when it comes to missing teeth. Shifting of the bite may occur to compensate for the space left behind, undoing what might have been done in the past, including orthodontic treatment. Dr. Paul Covell may suggest dental bridges, which are made of porcelain and include false teeth which are permanently fused to dental crowns on each side. These dental crowns are bonded onto the top of the adjacent teeth for support, allowing the restoration to “bridge the gap” and close up the space—while also restoring the function and appearance of the smile. 

Why choose dental bridges? 

While there are several options available for tooth replacement, dental bridges continue to be a popular choice for many patients who visit with Dr. Paul Covell. Unlike partial dentures, dental bridges remain in place as they are bonded to the surrounding teeth. They do not need to be removed each day and cared for as a partial denture requires. Additionally, they are much more affordable than permanent options such as dental implants, making them a great choice for patients on a budget. Dental bridges are long-lasting, easy to care for, and look completely natural within the smile! 

Learn more about dental bridges 

If you are in need of restoration of the smile, whether it be large gaps from missing teeth or spacing from poor bite alignment, Dr. Paul Covell and his team in Pasadena, TX can help! Our team is here to assist patients with general, cosmetic, and restorative solutions for the teeth and gums. Call (713) 943-9832 to request a consultation visit at 4010 Vista Road.  

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