What to expect during first visit to Pasadena, TX area cosmetic dentist

While you may be comfortable with your routine visits to the dentist for a cleaning and evaluation every six months, it is a different experience when you are connecting with a cosmetic dentist to discuss aesthetic concerns you may have with your smile. Some patients may feel discouraged regarding asking their dentist about cosmetic flaws that they’d like to address within their smile, but it is important to open up with your dental team about your desires. Dr. Paul Covell is a general dentist who also provides cosmetic services as well. Let’s talk about what to expect during the process of requesting cosmetic services from our team. 

Consultation appointment 

First, patients will need to undergo a consultation appointment. If they have never seen Dr. Paul Covell in the past and are considered a new patient, then this is the point at which the dental team will take a series of x-rays and provide a deep cleaning and evaluation. It is essential that a patient be free from periodontal disease or tooth decay before moving forward with cosmetic dentistry. 

Deciding on treatment options 

After patients have received the “all clear” from their dentist, they can then speak to the team about the concerns they have regarding the aesthetics of the smile. Some patients might be unhappy with chips and cracks in their teeth, or might find staining to be too difficult to remove with over-the-counter whitening products. Other patients might be interested in restoring their smiles after tooth loss. During the evaluation, Dr. Paul Covell can make recommendations regarding some of the most appropriate cosmetic treatments for individuals who are interested in a more beautiful smile. 

Undergoing treatment 

A cosmetic dental plan is made alongside the patient. Patients can choose to have all their cosmetic treatments performed during a single appointment, or space them out over time for gradual improvements. A smile makeover starts with a phone call and ends with a beautiful smile! 

Pasadena, TX area patients can connect with Dr. Paul Covell 

Patients ready to transform their smiles with cosmetic dentistry can contact the practice of Dr. Paul Covell to schedule a consultation visit with him and his team. The office is located at 4010 Vista Road and can be reached by phone at (713) 943-9832.

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