What You Need to Know About Bruxism

Bruxism treatmentIf you believe you are grinding your teeth while you sleep, you may be dealing with bruxism. This condition can lead to numerous other oral health concerns and conditions. If you’ve ever woken up with a sore or stiff jaw, it may be time to visit the dentist. Bruxism treatment can help protect your teeth and ease jaw pain. Here is what you need to know about bruxism.

What Is Bruxism?

Bruxism is a condition that causes you to grind your teeth involuntarily. It can hurt your jaw muscles, teeth, and temporomandibular joints, leading to TMJ. Bruxism can happen even while you’re awake, but most patients tend to grind their teeth in their sleep.

What Happens if You Grind Your Teeth Too Much?

Bruxism can lead to other oral health issues in many ways. The constant grinding can wear out your teeth over time and weaken your jaw. Teeth grinding can happen while you’re awake and while you sleep, and can typically happen without you even noticing. When you grind your teeth too much you can experience neck and shoulder pain, headaches, and disturbed sleep.

Causes of Bruxism

Causes of bruxism can occur mainly from lifestyle habits, which include cigarette and alcohol use, and taking illegal stimulants. Drinking a lot of caffeine can also increase the risk of constant teeth clenching or grinding. Bruxism can also be an uncommon side effect of a condition such as sleep disorders, chronic stress, and certain medications.

How Do You Stop Grinding Your Teeth? 

While there is no medication that prevents grinding and clenching of your teeth, you may be fitted with a night guard. This orthodontic device will protect your teeth and muscles from constant grinding.

Dr. Paul Covell, DDS, helps patients dealing with bruxism in Pasadena, TX, by creating a custom mouth guard and offering restorative dental procedures to correct damage caused by teeth grinding

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