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Bruxism Pasadena TXThe goal of sleep apnea treatment is to help you slumber peacefully and quietly every night. One of the most recognized devices that is used to treat sleep apnea is the continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, machine. If you currently use a CPAP machine, we invite you to learn about our MicrO2® oral sleep appliance.

Why Would I Switch from a CPAP to an Oral Sleep Appliance?

For some men and women, CPAP machines have the opposite effect as what is intended. The primary disadvantage of the CPAP device is the mask. Patients are unable to feel comfortable, and the material used for the mask has caused skin irritation and allergic reactions. Another problem with CPAP machines is that having air pushed down into the airway is intimidating and strange. Oral sleep appliances achieve the same goal of keeping the airway open without the disadvantages of CPAP machines.

How Does the MicrO2® Oral Sleep Appliance Work?

The MicrO2® appliance fits into your mouth like a mouthguard, but it does far more than protect your teeth. The appliance is custom fit to your teeth and jaw. When you wear the MicrO2®, it shifts the position of your jaw in a way that keeps the airway open. Gone are the days of wearing a bulky mask and spending time cleaning a CPAP machine.

How Does the MicrO2® Compare to Other Oral Sleep Appliances?

The MicrO2® is smaller than other oral sleep appliances, so it is less noticeable as you sleep. Many other appliances are designed in a way that makes the user hold the tongue in an unnatural position, but not with MicrO2®. The device also allows you to open and close your mouth, which makes practical as well as effective.

How Do I Take Care of My MicrO2® Oral Sleep Appliance?

Taking care of a MicrO2® oral sleep appliance is so easy! When you remove the device in the morning, simply use a toothbrush and gentle cleanser to clean it. You can store the appliance in a plastic container and hide it away in your nightstand or medicine cabinet.

Learn More About the MicrO2® Oral Sleep Appliance. Contact Dr. Paul Covell.

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