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Dental Services  Pasadena TXHave you ever wanted to talk about teeth, but didn’t want to interrupt your cleaning? We know the feeling. But don’t feel bad for wanting to learn more about your teeth and how to keep them healthy! We love patients who put in the extra effort to keep their smiles fabulous for years to come.

We’ve recently been revved up about nutrition, and how certain foods can affect your dental health. After all, we’ve all probably been told over the years that certain things aren’t good for our teeth (very hard candies, tea, for example), but we’re here to remind you that what you put in your mouth is probably going to affect your teeth. Put that sweet tooth in check and keep reading to learn about some of the best foods to avoid to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

Best Foods for Your Teeth

Dark, Leafy Vegetables

Dark, leafy veggies are generally high in calcium, which is important for strong teeth. Our bodies assimilate calcium better through real foods than supplements, so opt for a boost when you can! Many vegetables are high in fiber, which is really good for your teeth. The fiber is harder to chew and break down, which means that you’ll be chewing longer. Why is that good? Because when you chew, you stimulate saliva production, which helps whisk away debris and keep your teeth hydrated and protected. The fiber can also help scrub your teeth clean, so think of a salad as a little mini-cleaning before you get back home to your toothbrush. Bring along a toothpick or some floss to make sure nothing gets stuck–that could cause trouble!

Worst Foods for Your Teeth


Whether they’re hard or soft, candies are probably not helping your teeth when you eat them. Hard candies can chip teeth, while soft candy gets stuck in teeth and can sometimes even pull out fillings! Sugar in candy helps contribute to plaque and cavities, so avoid candy whenever you can. If you’re tempted, don’t worry. Just follow up your candy with a glass of water, or by rinsing with a bit of mouthwash to help remove some of that sugar.

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