Don’t Miss This Important Clue about Your Dental Health

dental services  Pasadena, TXClues are important to any mystery, and sometimes that mystery is our health. As far as dental health is concerned, we have a great deal of expertise in recognizing signs and symptoms that alert us to a potential problem. The sooner we can clue into these signs and symptoms, the better equipped we are to take positive actions that reinstate optimal oral health, as well as comfort. Here, we want to point out that sensitivity is an important clue that needs attention.

Sensitivity is often missed, not because it is so mild, but because we misperceive what could be happening in the mouth. In recent years, tooth sensitivity has been rather normalized by marketing. We see advertisements for a “sensitive tooth toothpaste, ” and we instinctively conclude that teeth are sensitive and that’s that. Well, it isn’t. Teeth become sensitive for a reason.

There is a necessity to look at sensitivity as a clue. When we do, we may find some underlying factors that need to be addressed. These could be:

  • Decaying enamel. When enamel starts to decay, a cavity will appear in a short period. The initial wearing down that occurs when acidity eats healthy enamel diminishes the protective effects enamel has. Nerves that lie beneath enamel feel more and will respond with sensitivity before sending intense warning signs, aka a nasty toothache.
  • Eroding enamel. Erosion is different than tooth decay because it is a general, extensive wearing down of a large tooth surface. Erosion also usually affects numerous teeth. The reason that experts believe enamel is degrading in such a manner is that a large amount of the foods and beverages we consume have highly acidic ingredients. The acid sits on enamel after consumption, causing it to soften and wear away. Without the thickness of healthy enamel, nerves have less to absorb the shock of external stimuli.
  • Receding gums. Inflamed gums are weak, which causes tissue to pull away or wear away from tooth structure. Looseness in the connection between gingiva and teeth removes the protective barrier between the root and the outside world. This means sensitivity, and may even mean a cavity directly on the root.

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