Bad dental habits to break for the new year!

Are you prepared to make a New Year’s Resolution that focuses on your oral health? Do you want to improve your oral health and the appearance of your smile with the help of a Pasadena, TX area dentist? Many patients deal with certain habits that impact their oral health, or fail to make routine dental visits with their provider for a cleaning and evaluation. 2021 is the year to make the change! Dr. Paul Covell believes that patients should take the steps in achieving a healthier smile as part of their New Year’s Resolution.

Bad habits that impact your oral health

Below are just a few of the  more common habits that impact the appearance, health, and function of the smile, and can be avoided with the help of our dental team:

  • The use of tobacco products. It’s likely not new information that smoking and chewing tobacco are bad for your overall health. In addition, they are costly, smelly, unhealthy, and can cause staining and discoloration that can make an otherwise beautiful smile unattractive. When you stop the use of tobacco products, you are doing good for your entire body!
  • Using the teeth in the wrong way. Teeth are intended for eating food, not chewing on fingernails, pens, or ice cubes. Teeth shouldn’t be used to open bags or tear off price tags, as this can significantly increase the risk of chips and cracks. Chewing ice and other non-food items can also result in continual wear and tear of the natural tooth enamel, causing teeth to become sensitive and vulnerable to damage.
  • Procrastinating on making regular dental appointments. It is vital that patients visit their dental team every six months for a cleaning and evaluation to catch problems early enough for successful intervention and maintain a healthy smile. Stop putting off these visits and make them part of your normal routine to achieve the results you desire for dental health and wellness.

Work with your dentist to develop a plan for your smile in 2021!

Dr. Paul Covell and his team in Pasadena, TX are excited to provide patients with a wide selection of services in one facility, including preventative, general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. If you live in the community and want to speak to a professional about ways to improve your oral health and enhance your smile’s appearance, call the office at (713) 943-9832. We are here to help you at our facility, located at 4010 Vista Road.

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