Do I Need A Tooth Pulled?

Have you ever experienced really bad tooth pain? Imagine waking up with an aching tooth or living through that extreme tooth pain that makes you want to cry. And no bottles of medication help get rid of the pain enough so you can fully focus on work.

That does not sound fun, or even bearable, quite frankly. It may seem counterintuitive, but sometimes pulling (or extracting) a tooth is the best thing for the overall health of your mouth. Keep reading to learn about tooth extraction and when it may be suggested.

Tooth Extraction

A dentist or oral surgeon will generally perform this procedure, and we try to make it as pleasant as possible for patients who need this performed. Local anesthetic is applied to the site to help numb the area. You don’t feel anything during the extraction process. If your tooth is impacted, then you may be put under completely, so you are able to sleep while the dentist removes the tooth causing you issues.

Why Tooth Extraction?

Though your teeth are supposed to last  and help you chew and speak throughout your lifetime, permanent teeth may turn into more of an issue due to environmental or genetic issues. If your tooth is doing more harm than good, it is time to consider extraction.

For example, if you have a tooth that is badly damaged by decay, a tooth that has been broken through an accident, or if you have other issues regarding the health of your mouth, it may be best to have the tooth removed. Maybe your mouth is over crowded, and your teeth do not have enough space to thrive. Removing a tooth can help give the remaining teeth more space in your mouth.

Sometimes we may be able to avoid extracting or pulling a tooth. We always look into other options that can save the tooth first. If the tooth isn’t severely damaged, and doesn’t cause danger to other teeth or the rest of your mouth, we can consider other alternatives to treat your issue. Call us today at (713) 943-9832 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Covell.

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